Fashion Walkers

Hey guys! So a couple of years ago when I started writing ideas down for the blog I remember wanting to post pics of people who caught my attention. Living in New York you get to see so many people/characters down the street,  to say the least, and some trendsetters. Walking down the streets of NYC is like a 24/7 fashion show. Who doesn’t love NYC?

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Till next time

Hola chicos! Hace un par de años cuando pensaba en ideas para el  blog acuerdo querer hacer un post sobre gente que me llamen la atención por la calle. Pasear por las calles de NYC es como presenciar un desfile de modas todo los días. Cual de ellos es tu preferido? Hasta la próxima!

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Love his pants and shoes!/Me encantan sus pantalones y zapatos!

The picture doesn’t give her outfit justice!/Su falda se ve mil veces mejor en persona!

Polka dots!/Lunares!

Love her top!/ Me encanta su ‘top’!



  1. Hola ! I just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog ! You’re so beautiful and inspiring , and made me feel more comfortable with myself and made me have the courage to wear what I wanna wear . Your sense of style is amazing ! I just wanted a few words of advice , I’ve been wanting to start a blog but I’ve been holding myself back , mainly because I don’t even know how to begin or how to make my blog visable to others , anyways have a great day ! -Maria

    1. Hi Maria! Thank you so much for your kind and beautiful words. It fills my hurt with absolute joy to know that what I am doing is motivating women to feel more comfortable and to love themselves. On the blog situation my advice would be to just go for it. Start a blog and do your research on those bloggers you like have their websites set up. Take your time picking a name since it will be what people will recognize you for and will call you. The best way to make your self visible is by social media. Start an instagram,twitter,and Facebook all for your blog. Interact with bloggers so that they can see what you are up to and always leave a link to your blog on other blogs when you comment. Hope this helps!


      1. Thank you so much for the advice ! You’re such a sweet person & continue doing what you do you’re amazing at it . Eres hermosa por fuera y por dentro!
        Thanks again !

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