Transparently June

Hi dolls! So, I love things that are transparent ever since I was a little girl. My eyes always ogled phones, cassettes (remember those?) and other things that were transparent. Why do I like them, you might ask? Maybe its a metaphor for my personality or my need to see everything due to my need to have control over things. My therapist will have to help me out with this one, hahaha. Whatever the case might be I love these badass shoes. What do you guys think about transparent shoes? Do you love or hate them?

Stay fab!

Hola muñecas! Les cuento, desde pequeña me han gustado las cosas que sean transparente. Mis ojos quedaban prendidos en esos teléfonos, cassettes  (se acuerdan de esos?) entre otras cositas mas que eran transparente. La verdad no se porque me gustan pero me encantan. Planeo tener una casa de cristal, jajaja. Que opinan sobre este tipo de zapatos? Les gusta o no tanto?

Sigan fabulosas!

  1. Christian Louboutin
  2. Missoni
  3. Zara
  4. Marc Jacob pumps
  5. Joseph Campbell “Soiree”
  6. Chloe Mary Jane pumps
  7. Chloe Mary Jane pumps

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