An Asos Overdose



Asos delicacy1

Im pretty sure you have all witnessed and heard how brutal these last couples of days have been at least here in NY, so I’m not going to add to the frenzy. But I will say this… these crazy cold days have inspired me to dream on the warmer days coming, though I will be complaining on how hot those days will be. I tend to be very bipolar with accessories, somedays I wanna drown myself in them and somedays I won’t wear any type of jewelry. Guess how I feel now? Im practically molesting these earrings with my eyes. I will be getting them ASAP. I went looking for some statement earring for a look that I’m planning. Cant wait to show you guys! So, here they are my favorite earring picks from Asos! Which ones do you like? And most importantly do you even like accessories? I figured we should get to know each other a little  better if were going to be in this committed relationship.

Love you!

Estoy segura que no solo han escuchado sobre lo terrible que este frío ha estado! Ya ni siento mi conciencia. Lo bueno de todo esto es que el frío me ha hecho sonar en los días mas calurosos. Ya saben que estoy obsesionada con Asos! Así que cuando estaba planeando en un conjunto de ropa me di cuenta de lo que tan bello seria tener unos aretitos hermosos como los de aquí arriba. Así que aquí están mis favoritos aretes de asos. Dejame saber cual te gustan y sobre todo si es que te gustan los accesorios en general?

Los amo

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