An American Blogger In The Botanical Garden

At this point of my trip I had seen all my family and decided to be a tourist. And since you guys were always in my mind, I needed to find a nice place to take some pics for you guys. My lovely little cousins, (Hi Bridget and Joseline!), told me about the very beautiful botanical garden. The view from wherever you stood was breath taking. This has to be one of my favorite locations I have taken pictures for the blog from. Neither my cousins nor I had been there before so after taking the pictures we were told that I missed so much in the Botanical Garden like waterfalls, which I am a fan of.  I guess ill have to go back to Ecuador just for those pics!


Is it me? Or does this outfit feel very Nicolette Mason-ish, no?!

In Ecuador, most of the country stops what they are doing during lunch time. Most small businesses close for about three hours to go home or out to lunch. We completely forgot about the ecuadorian lunch time and we went to the garden while it was shut down. We had to wait a couple of hours before we even went inside. The pictures from this point forward are from the inside of the botanical garden.







Had to change shoes after a while. These oxfords were very comfy. I actually got the shoes for $20 or so, at a super small boutique in the Bronx.


Thanks for visiting guys!

What Im Wearing:

Jacket: American Rag

Top: American Rag

Skirt: Asos Curve

Belt: Asos Curve

Purse: Aldo

Shoes: Forever21

Sunnies: Prada

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