Its Beanie Season…

“Its beanie season, I don’t need a fucking reason no matter the degrees if its heated or its freezing”

Im not sure how many of you are familiar with Dumbfoundead, a Korean rapper from L.A. I might loose cool points with you guys but in his song “Korean Jesus” he mentions beanies and how he wears them all year long. This is probably one of my favorite spits of his song and the reason I have been waiting all summer long to get cooler. He made me buy a beanie. Unlike him I did have to wait for when it was freezing for me to wear them. Im a bigger girl and I can not wear a beanie in the summer. I would sweat a pool. I sweat if I blink too much. We cant risk it.

Here are some pictures I took today. I literally just bought it last night and couldn’t wait to wear it. The sweater has orange bright mid sleeves, remember this post? Enjoy the pics!



_DSC0654I love how much I have evolved in fashion! ❤_DSC0670_DSC0639

What Im wearing:

Coat: Forever21

Sweater: Asos Curve

Jeans: Forever21

Beanie: American Apparel

Sunnies: Raybans

Purse: H&M



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