Get your Rocksbox off

Hey sexy! Im finally back and I couldn’t be more excited. Today my brother and I snuck onto our rooftop to shoot some OOTD for you guys. Funny enough we ended up getting locked in and we had to call our ‘super’ as we call them here in NYC to come and open the door for us. How great are we at being sneaky, huh?!

On other news! I wanted to share with you guys this product that I am trying out. I can be quite bipolar with accessories. One day I want to drown in them and the next I want nothing on. Rocksbox is a jewelry service where they send you accessories monthly  for you to try out and if you like them enough to keep them you can actually buy them. I thought you guys would want to try them out with me as well! If you would like to try the first three months for free use my code: Tinyredshoesxoxo. Lets try it out together!


What Im Wearing:

Crop top: Liesl Binx

Jumper: N/A

Shoes: H&M (OLD)

Sunnies: Ray ban

Earrings/ Necklace: Rocksbox


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