My favorite way to style a summer dress for winter



When I started blogging I thought I would go broke in less than a month. I put so much pressure on myself to make sure I never repeated my outfits. Sadly, many of us can not afford that luxury.


I usually do two big shopping sprees in a year. The first shopping spree covers my outfits for Fall and Winter and the second for Summer and Spring. I found different ways to wear my clothes to make them look different and make sure I can wear them as much as I can. This is a great way to make the most out of your wardrobe. Sometimes I luck out and I can use certain items all year long. This gorgeous summer dress from Lane Bryant is the perfect example.


I bought this dress in the summer and had it on repeat. Summer is over but I still wanted to wear the dress so I decided to layer it over a simple black turtleneck.

The thigh high boots are a great way to keep my legs warm when I wear dresses. To finish the look I draped my favorite leather jacket from ASOS. I love when I make my clothes work all year long. Don’t be surprised if you see me wearing this dress next season.

Ain’t nobody made out of money.


Since I re-wear my clothes all year long they aren’t always available for you to shop but check the links below for some similar items.

What is your favorite styling tip? Let me know in the comments or over on my Facebook page here.


What I’m wearing:

Jacket: Asos similar here.

Dress: Lane Bryant and a similar to layer here.

Boots: Rainbow

Turtleneck: Old Navy in the striped version here.


  1. I personally think you are amazing,because of the work you are doing,taking life at your pace and showing others that everyone can do it like you,using their imagination assembling a look.
    You have the talent of the artist,the stylist,the designer,the blogger and the friend.

  2. I love this tip! I wear summer dresses all the time with boots and tights — it’s pretty cold in Mass this time of year, so layers are necessary. Also: THAT COLOR! Gorgeous!

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