This amazing turtleneck reminded me why I shouldn’t hate my double chin

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 9.15.51 AM

Fashion has been the best tool of rebellion against society and it’s beauty standards. I was constantly told to avoid wearing color, crop top or just anything that didn’t make me blend into a wall. My blog helped me overcome so many internal obstacles. I wore my first crop top, my first skirt and my first bathing suit too.

You would think that after 5 years of blogging my outfits and pushing myself out of my comfort zone that I would be the most confident person, but it is isn’t always like that.

I recently have been feeling extra self-conscious about my double chin. 


When I was shooting this look all I could see was my double chin. I remember pulling it higher trying to hide it. 

3H2A1359 (1).JPG

Then I started to use my long hair to cover it. 


Whenever I realize that I’m being negative about my body I remind myself that my style nor my value is halted by the shape of my body.




What I’m wearing:

Turtleneck: Old Navy

Skirt: Forever21 similar here.

Sneakers: Puma

Backpack: Laila Rowe similar here.

Windbreaker: FOC Apparel.



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