Hasta Pronto Ecuador!

After seeing my family and eating home made Ecuadorian food, nostalgia kicks in. I had a blast in Ecuador. Even though fashion seems to be a few decades behind I enjoyed my stay. However you do get to see the beautiful and very intricate outfits worn by the indigenous people,which are usually sown with gold, yes gold. After seeing their beautiful outfits I decided to make a special outfit for you guys. Its a Carrie Bradshaw takes Loja, Ecuador. No?

The inspiration:

These pins represent what they do for a living. Can I just keep her?! How cute! My outfit:

_DSC0371_DSC0463_2 _DSC0476_2 _DSC0502_2
_DSC0567_2 _DSC0570_2 Shit, I really got into it! lol_DSC0573These two shots are from de plaza of San Sebastian where I took pictures and tried to film a little vid for you guys. Unfortunately the videos seem not that great :/ Ill let you guys know if I manage to get at least three coherent seconds together._DSC0457




What I’m wearing:

Blazer: Asos curve

Top: Lane Bryant

Skirt: Curvaceous K

Shoes: Forever21

Sunnies: Prada


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