12 infuriating things about shopping while plus-size

We all have things that can make us see red. From loud chewers to slow walkers. But, these 12 things can make any plus-size women want to be buried alive.

1. Trying to shop IRL with your skinny best friend


“Oh, you don’t carry it in fat, nevermind.”

2. Having only one clothing rack available in plus-size


“This is your size inclusive collection?!”

3.Trying to squeeze into the biggest size available


“This might fit if I can hold my breath forever.”

4. Only having 1 or 2 brick and mortar locations available in your city


5. Not being to able to shop last minute for an event. We  have to plan for months

lol 3.gif

“Last minute plans? What is that?”

6. Guessing your size with each brand you shop online


“Do I size up, do I size down?

7. Missing your package delivery cause you’re forced to shop online only


8. Not having the same stylish clothes available that skinny girls get to wear


9. Having to pay twice as much for clothes


10. When people comment about how your body looks like in certain clothes


11. Trying on skinny jeans


12. Jackets that look amazing on but you can’t button up







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